Pastor's Bio

Pastor Clyde Lewis is a born-again Believer that has been called and ordained by God to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He was called into the Gospel Ministry at the age of 14. He was licensed and ordained at the Saint John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. F.G. Hilton. 

Our Pastor has been Preaching for "41" years and has had the priviledge of Pastoring in three states. He received his training at Bishop College, Dallas Baptist University, Trinity Bible College, & New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Pastor Clyde Lewis has been married to Vivian Lewis for "37" years and they are the proud parents of "5" children and "9" grandchildren.

Our Pastor has serve the BETHEL METROPOLITAN BAPTIST CHURCH and the City of Lake Charles for the last "9" years and what a joy it has been for him to serve. 

Our Pastor makes it known that People are his Passion, Purpose & Priority. He let's us know that we are in the PEOPLES Business and we must make it hard to go to HELL from Lake Charles.

Pastor Clyde Lewis had the opportunity to serve as the Bible Teacher of the Baptist Minister's Union of Lake Charles for "FOUR" years.